Cultural Immersion is the Best Method to Become Fluent in the English Language

In a country where English is not the native tongue, you can take an English course to achieve a specific purpose and it might take care of the grammar; but the language will not be taught with a focus on communication, and the course might not even cover the four skills of reading, writing, comprehension and speaking. Despite the best intentions of the educational system, learning a language in a classroom is very often a useless exercise.

When a language is learned in a classroom, it is accomplished little by little. You are taught to memorize vocabulary words, to do some exercises entailing conversation, and maybe to write a few paragraphs. The students memorize a few words, take a few tests, and generally speaking, when learning a new language is not a requirement, the student forgets everything immediately.

On the other hand,studying English abroad gives you the opportunity to improve your knowledge of the English language. In addition to immersing themselves in the American culture and the USA, students can take advantage of the English courses for business, academic research, healthcare industry, etc. In the same way bilingual engineers, architects, teachers, salesmen, physicians, nurses and other professionals have an advantage over their monolingual counterparts; and many companies, schools, and hospitals offer higher salaries to bilingual employees.

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The surroundings of your place of study allow you to get to know everything about the American culture; i.e. Its cuisine, its entertainment, and sometimes even its history. Furthermore there are forms of expression such as idioms and slang which are not necessarily considered grammatical but enrich the language and which cannot be learned except in an immersed setting or environment.

Despite the fact that learning a second language as an adult is very difficult, research has demonstrated that adults can reach high levels of mental processing and linguistic competence similar to that of native born individuals thanks to a program of immersion because after some time they start to lose their self-consciousness and are less afraid to make grammatical or other types of mistakes.

Definitely, you cannot learn colloquial English in your own country. You need a program of cultural immersion through which students can spend more time in an environment where English is spoken. In that way, they will learn the language more quickly and will even learn how to tell jokes, play on words, and idioms and slang terms which are amusing.

Constantly hearing and speaking English is crucial to learning the language and students who immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment feel compelled to speak the language, otherwise they will feel isolated.